Fairytale Princesses, Villains, Fairies, and Story Book characters can be found here!

Snow White

Apple Princess

Arabian Princess

Bayou Princess

Beauty Princess

Enchanted Beauty Princess

Character played by BIPOC Performers

Fairy Godmother

Flower Princesa

Frost Queen

Frost Queen

Glass Slipper Princess

Enchanted Glass Slipper Princess

Character played by BIPOC performers

Island Princess


Mermaid Princess

Enchanted Mermaid Princess

Miracle Keeper

Scottish Princess

Secret Keeper

Sleeping Princess

Snow Princess

Spanish Rose Princess

Alice in Wonderland

Tea Time Princess


Tinker Fairy

Tower Princess

Troll Princess

Warrior Princess

Unicorn Princess

Unicorn Princess

Original Fairy Character

Can also be –  Balloon Twister, Bling Artist/Glitter Tattoos

Farm Girl 

Good Witch

Wicked Teens

Sea Witch

Mistress of All Evil

Cinderella's Stepsisters

Evil Stepsisters