Virtual Character Services

We are saddened that so many little one’s birthday’s and celebrations were postponed due to COVID-19. But we think we have whipped up the perfect magic spell to change those sad faces to ones filled with happiness and wonder. Here are our options at this time.We have more to come!

We realize how important your child’s happiness is, which is why we always go above and beyond with our performance and customer service to ensure that we help create happy memories during these times.

If you  wish to use another platform beside zoom please email us in your request and we can see if we have the magic spell to make your dream come true! See our Character Gallery or ask us directly about a character.

**These services are open to any State. Please note that we are based in Wisconsin so please be sure you are clear about the time and state when booking!**

Things to Know:

* The options below are for our virtual services that we are offering at this time. They have details outlining what is offered in each package. Payment must be made in full.

Virtual Character Services

Personalized Character Video

Starting at $55for one character

Character Zoom Visit

Starting at $60for one character
  • 15 Minutes

Virtual Party

Starting at $70for one character
  • 30 Minutes

Fairytale Stuffie

Starting at $$5500 includes Shippingfor one character & stuffie